KidsForShe: Who We Are And What We Do

This site was created by a fifteen year-old girl in New York city who formed a feminism club in her middle school and wanted to expand it so that others could have great, in-depth discussions about gender issues like her. However, the presentations she made were not like the presentations these children would encounter in school. Each slide show presents viewers with unique questions and videos that force the group to state their opinion. Another unique quality KidsForShe’s presentations have is that they do not simply list information so that the members of each club can read it and be done, but they make the children do research about the topics at hand. For example, there is one slideshow about Margaret Thatcher, but instead of listing her birth-date and what she is famous for, it asks the viewers of the presentation question so that they can research her and find out all there is to know. 
The theory behind KidsForShe is that children are the future. They are the leaders of tomorrow, and if they do not know about these issues from the beginning of their lives, then how can we expect them to fix them once they have grown up and developed different thoughts on the matter? Gender inequality is a problem that starts at the root; the upbringing of children. If a boy grows up with an overpowering father and a submissive mother, how can we expect him to end up any different from his parents? Now, if his school had a system that taught him that his parents’ behavior was not the norm, we believe that this child could potentially change for the better. KidsForShe wants to be the change in those children; in the boys who think they can’t cry, and in the girls who think they can’t be CEOs.
We want to impact the young generation’s mind in a way that will end gender inequality as soon as possible. We want schools to open up clubs and use our presentations so that kids can get involved with gender issues. We are KidsForShe, and organization from kids, for kids that pledges to educate children about gender inequality in a way that will inspire them to take action.