What I think is the Importance of Feminine Power to the Ugandan Women and Girls

Feminine power was given to the Uganda women in 1834 but gravely neglected

due to lack of political will backed by patriarchal stereotypes.

Feminine as per my understanding means women having behaviors which are

considered to be typical especially by being gentle, pretty and delicate. In present

Uganda , there is a being growing rate of feminine power that has been supported

by the Uganda government that came into power in 1986 and now KidsForShe

since 2018. One the most inspiring woman of Uganda is the wife of the current

president Janet Kataha Museveni the current female ministers in the Uganda


Gaining the Feminine power has gradually uplifted the status of girls and women

in Uganda today; for example many of the women have become teachers, nurses

and so on.

Slowly but steadily, our leadership of Girls on the KidsForShe clubs in the various

High Schools has also driven away the feelings of regarding girls as inferior to

boys because we have been able to do what different boys have failed to do

especially discussing about the importance of gender equality. And another

example is the current speaker in the parliament of the republic of Uganda Alitwala

Rebecca Kadaga who is highly valued in Uganda and in the region of Busoga,

Eastern Uganda.

In addition to the above, feminine has an inspiration role to the citizens of Uganda

boys, and men “the young and old” have been inspired to a positive change basing

on the achievements of some women in Uganda today. Different women are

owning and running different businesses successfully. But more importantly too,

we hope as the KidsForShe leaders to be Change Agents by promoting feminism

and gender equality across the Country.

By Tendo Babirye, 17