Five Ways to Celebrate Gloria Steinem's 85th Birthday

In case you don’t know who Gloria Steinem is, she is one of if not the most prominent feminists alive. She co-founded Ms. magazine in 1971, wrote acclaimed books like My Life On The Road, and Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, was co-chair of the 2016 women’s march, and a lot more.

To celebrate this strong woman’s 85th birthday, which took place on March 25th, here is a list of things you can do:

  1. Read one of her books! She has written a lot of books about feminism, and to learn about her life, you might want to start with My Life On The Road.

  2. Watch her play! If you are in or near NYC, head to the Daryl Roth Theater to watch Gloria: A Life. Here is the link! You get to enjoy an account of Gloria’s experiences in the first talk, and then to talk with the audience in a talking circle during the second act. If you’re lucky, a guest speaker might moderate the talking circle!

  3. Follow her on Instagram! Not a lot of eighty-five year olds are tech-savvy enough to have an Instagram, Gloria is not one of them! Here is a link to her account!

  4. Buy a lipstick from The Lipstick Lobby, an organization Gloria worked with! Every color of lipstick helps support a different organization. To “Protest with your dollar and your lipstick,” as Gloria said, visit this page!

  5. Watch Gloria tell our founder why it is important that young people join the feminist movement here!