Interview with Aristegui Noticias about KidsForShe

Our founder, Magdalena Del Valle was interviewed by renowned Mexican journalist, Carmen Aristegui. Here is a link to the interview with English subtitles and the translation of an article from Aristegui Noticias:

When she heard Emma Watson announce that gender equality did not exist during her speech to the United Nations in New York City, Magdalena Del Valle decided that she wanted to be a part of this initiative and she created KidsForShe, a project that wants to include young people in the conversation about feminism through clubs that have made it all the way to Uganda.

“I’ve gone to an all-girls school for most of my life, but I was frustrated that as a little girl, I was not allowed into “adult” conversations. I think it’s vital to include young people in important conversations because of their enthusiasm and creativity that can be lost in adults,” said the young Mexican girl all the way from New York City, where she lives now, in an interview for #AristeguiEnVivo (#AristeguiLive).

Through the website that she launched three years ago, Magdalena shares slide-shows that turn into guidelines for anyone to work towards gender equality from their schools or within their communities.

The slideshows have a step-by-step explanation of what gender equality is so that kids can learn about it. These presentations also have activities that allow the kids to reflect about inequality issues between men and women at work, or about laws that continue to be unjust in their own countries.

KidsForShe has made it all the way to Uganda, where some 6 thousand kids and 27 schools have joined the initiative

Apart from the club she started at her school, there is another club in California where together, they started a Pen Pal program. A project where students from the U.S. and Uganda share letters with one another.

“Through this, we can learn about what culture is like over there and what their culture is about gender. They can also learn about what gender equality means over here. This way, we broaden our horizons about gender traditions,” she explained.

KidsForShe also organizes events with communities. Recently, they had a movie showing with Cinepolis of “On ‘the basis of sex”, a biographical film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the American Supreme Court Justice, known for her strong work towards gender equality. .

Many tickets to this showing were donated to KidsForShe, and they were given to dreamers and organizations that help Mexican immigrants.  

“Many young girls from an organization in the Bronx called MASA, left and told me that they loved the movie,” she said.

Magdalena assured us that KidsForShe will formally be arriving in Mexico soon. For now, there is a club led by a girl from Sacred Heart in Mexico who discusses and reflects about gender equality with her friends and family members.

“I want to bring the Pen Pal program to México, and I’m working on it. I’m almost done translating the page into Spanish.”