On The Basis of Sex Charity Showing

KidsForShe is partnering with Cinepolis, a movie theater company that is going to do a charity showing of “On The Basis of Sex”, a film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and give KidsForShe part of the proceeds. The movie tells Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s journey as she breaks glass ceilings at Harvard and in the courtroom. A lot of us know that she is one of only two female supreme court justices, but many don’t know that she ended legal sex-based discrimination before she was a judge. I won’t give too much away so that you’ll want to see the movie, but let’s just say Ruth Bader Ginsburg was “notorious” even before she sat in the supreme court.

The Cinepolis movie theater is located at the heart of Chelsea and is unlike any other theater in the city. It has lush seats that lean back at the press of a button and free refills on drinks and buttery popcorn. It is also only a few blocks away from the Milk bar, so if popcorn and soda is not your thing, you can always go get a compost cookie and a milkshake after the movie!

The Cinepolis + KidsForShe event will be January 12th at noon. What is more perfect to do on a cold January day than relax in comfy seats and watch an inspirational movie? If your answer to this question is: nothing (which it should be), come see “On The Basis Of Sex” on January 12th at  260 W 23rd St  and support one of CSH’s new clubs and our very own non profit organization!

You can purchase tickets here: https://cinepolisusa.com/locations/chelsea?Date=20190112