Summary of Our ON THE BASIS OF SEX Showing

The event was a success! Every seat was filled and after the movie, we held a reception where everyone got to enjoy some Mexican sandwiches and talk about the film. We sold KidsForShe pins and stickers and gave away free tote bags with Felicity Jones’s picture that the studio kindly provided for the event.

About 20 of the tickets were donated to Dreamers and young immigrants. People who wanted to go to the showing, but could not, were kind enough to donate the seats that would have been theirs to the children of immigrants so they could see a film about an inspirational woman. We distributed these tickets to the following four NGOs dedicated to helping immigrants: MASA, Qualitas, The US-Mexico Foundation and The US-Mexico Leaders of New York. The immigrant teens gave us fantastic feedback and they left thinking about their bright futures as psychologists, engineers, and lawyers.

Overall, the event was very moving, and I hope that it will give KidsForShe the momentum it needs to be a successful organization that helps young people become agents of change.