Distinguished Friends, Fellow humanitarians and Partners of KidsForShe,
I’m delighted as your sister to join you today as we send our April 2017 report.
Those who have helped KidsForShe-Uganda club recognize the importance
of our oneness and the role that the KidsForShe continues to play in
shaping the society and lives of our fellow women and children.
This is also the ideal time for us to earn the “World status of
Organizations” given the activities and programs we run through

In a fast changing world, girls and women need to involve
themselves in productive activities that will steer them away from the
societal ills that are so prevalent in our communities; hence the
realization of gender equality. KidsForShe-Uganda club continues to provide the perfect environment in which young girls and women can grow into responsible adults, equipped
with all the life skills needed to courageously face and tackle the
many challenges faced by mankind today.

For the dream of gender equality to come to fruition, we need to start
early and nurture our young girls into the achievers that we envision.
This month, we have initiated the outreach to various Schools plus
distributing pens and pencils to the girls in various Schools. We
encourage any interested friends of KidsForShe-Uganda club to consider
donating a pen and pencil through Magdalena Del Valle, Founder of

Beloved friends, there is need therefore for those of us who have vast
experience in our careers to give back to society by taking up
mentorship roles through which we can give our fellow women and
children as good examples and role models to emulate. In the modern
world of misguided moral values and increasing substance abuse, the
KidsForShe-Uganda club provides the perfect safe haven in which our
girls can grow into champions through Education, information,
advocacy, activism and practical skills.

Lastly but not least, the rising unemployment has also robbed our
women and young girls youths of hope with many resorting to crime,
alcoholism and the use of hard drugs.
Let us all be of the same mindset in ensuring that we do our best to
recruit as many women and girls into KidsForShe!

May this be our resounding call both this year and in the future.

We thank you all.

-Phionah SSerwanja-KidsForShe-Uganda Club Leader