How KidsForShe Came To Be

I am Magdalena Del Valle the fifteen year-old founder of KidsForShe. I have been working extremely hard in order to make this organization a reality for quite some time now. 

It all started during a cold day in January, when I was told I would attend a HeForShe event. To me, HeForShe had been some far off fantasy whose existence I had ever fully processed, but when I realized that it was an organization full of people who believed in the same things I did, I wanted leave some sort of impression on the people who worked there. So I brainstormed until the idea of KidsForShe came to me. I wrote one pagers, and fantasized about how I would present my ideas to the then faceless people from the U.N.. However, on the weekend of the event, there was the first and worst snowstorm of 2016 in New York City, and I was unable to attend the event. 

I thought KidsForShe had been cancelled along with the flights from JFK. I decided it had been a bad idea to begin with, and went on with my regular routine of school, swimming, and homework. Until one day in the beginning of march; the 8th to be exact. 

It was international women's day and all I was doing, was sit at home, and watch the amazing events of  U.N. Women unfold from the screen of my computer. I felt inspired, but did not know how to channel my inspiration. Until I remembered the idea that had come to me not three months before. 

KidsForShe was going to save me from and otherwise unproductive International Women's Day. I looked everywhere to find just about anyone I could contact from U.N. Women or HeForShe. Once I did, I e-mailed them until they responded. They passed me from U.N. employee to U.N. employee, until finally, they told me that they liked my idea, but could not endorse it.

Instead of being put down and quitting KidsForShe for the second time, I created this website. I have been busy on twitter and trying to contact anyone with a social media account who might be able to help me spread KidsForShe's message. The site may not be on the radar yet, but I believe that children should have the resource to start clubs and help end gender inequality. 

By Magdalena del Valle