Magdalena Del Valle is the creator of KidsForShe. She launched it when she was fourteen. She is originally from Mexico and moved to New York when she was seven. Magdalena felt inspired to launch this site because she wanted young children to be exposed to conversations about gender equality so that they can learn about them and develop informed points of view. In 2017, she partnered with Celine Farhadi to expand the reach of KidsForShe across America. With the help of the feminist club she started in her Los Angeles high school, she has since helped grow KidsForShe and launch our Pen Pal program with KidsForShe-Uganda.  

Mia Carriles, the oldest member of the KidsForShe team, is a current college student majoring in Public Relations. She is our social media coordinator and lives in Houston, Texas.

KidsForShe was greatly inspired by HeForShe; a campaign created by UN Women to involve men in the fight against gender inequality. HeForShe’s goal is to achieve gender equality by 2030, which we believe can only be made possible by today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders, children. This website is like no other site you will ever find because it gives you step-by-step directions on how to work toward gender equality in your own school or community.